“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it unto me.” — Matthew 25:40

Director's Message

Looking back at 2012, it’s amazing that the Ministry was able to
provide 16,504 client services, 2,304 more than in 2011. All these services
we provide to those in situations of hardship are possible because of this
loving community. Thanks to the churches, organizations, businesses, and
people in this Valley and beyond, who have servant hearts of caring, people
in hardship situations don’t have to suffer from lack of life’s basic needs.

I’m personally thankful to our dedicated staff and volunteers who listen
as clients pour out their hearts of distress, hurts, and hardships, sometimes
not knowing how to put one foot before the other to move forward, seeming
to stand still in despair. The delicate care of the volunteers who listen and
offer guidance are a reminder that God is with them in and through all things.

I’m thankful for Angels of the Ministry, those we occasionally call on
for assistance for clients whose dire situations warrant more than what the
Ministry can provide. Working together as a community, we’ve been able
to assist clients who are suffering cancer and many other life-threatening
health issues, not only helping with power, heating, prescriptions, food, and
other needs, but also offering our prayers for their healing.

How thankful we are for this great community, for the churches that
stepped in, and for the individuals who provided Christmas for 325 children
and youth. They were also gracious enough to help adults who were in dire
hardships so they could have a better Christmas.

It’s a blessing to serve as Director of Swannanoa Valley Christian
Ministry to witness God's presence in the staff, volunteers, and those who
give gifts of food and/or financial support. After eleven years as Director,
I’m still in awe of God's provisions. The Ministry always seems to receive
just the right amount of financial support, just the right number of
volunteers, just the right amount of Christmas sponsors, and just the right
amount of whatever is needed.

It’s impossible to thank everyone who participated during 2012 in the
work of the Ministry. However, I believe that God is all-encompassing and
loving and sees the generosity of each individual who went the extra mile
through service, financial support, prayers, love, and concern for this great
Ministry. You make possible the work that has flowed from the Ministry's
inception and continues to flow today to serve families and individuals in
this Valley; your blessings are directly from God. For all of this, and for all
of you, I am thankful!

Renae Brame, Jan. 2012